Friday, March 25, 2005

Moose's Mighty Beanz

I do not understand one little bit what these little Moose's mighty beanz are all about. They are just a little capsule of plastic with some heavy object inside of it that can move back and forth. I bought a package of 6 the other day at Wal-Mart because they were on for like 50 cents in a clearance bin. I thought that when you dropped them or something they would bounce but they don't. From what I can tell they are more of a collectors item type of thing. Can't really understand it. If anyone knows what it's all about let me know.


Just last night I finally went to a spot on the Island that me and some of my friends have been talking about ever since we where little tots. It is a little spot out in Emmyvale, PEI that my friend's parents owned while they were farming. It was formerly a small vineyard on a gentle sloping hill toward a little pond. In the pond are a few Islands that when we where young we frequently talked about building these nifty castle forts on. Then we would have battles back and forth between the Islands. The funny memories of old.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Charlie McDougall

As the hockey season comes to a close for another year it was great to get out for the annual Charlie McDougall Hockey Tournament in Bedque. We returned as the defending champions and expected nothing less for this year. It was an interesting journey from game one to game five. Starting out with our guns loaded destroying the first team 13-1. We quickly hit a brick wall losing 3-1 the next day which motivated all of us to get the hunger back to win all of our remaining games. The first game of our final day we destroyed a team 8-0 getting us into the crossovers. In the Crossovers we fought a tough battle and came out victorious 3-0. This guaranteed us a place in the Championship game against the team that had already sidetracked us once. We where up for the challenge and had the taste of revenge from the day before. After 50 minutes of play we clinching our place yet again on the Charlie McDougall Trophy winning 5-2.

Monday, March 14, 2005


When I was in Halifax this past weekend I had the opportunity to go to the Mountain Equipment Co-op. I always enjoy checking out all the gear that is in the store and thinking man this piece of gear or that would make my three months a year I spend in a tent much more enjoyable. Somehow I normally talk myself out of buying most things that are not essential. I normally have a chuckle or two walking around the store watching people buying tents, sleeping bags and every other piece of gear they have no idea about. They buy this extreamly good tent, sleeping bag and every other fancy item in the store and will most likely only use it for a weekend in a campground. Yet someone like myself buys a cheap tent and sleeping bag from Canadian Tire then lots of stuff from the local thrift stores when I live in it for the whole summer in the middle of the wilderness in northern BC or Alberta. I mainly buy cheap gear being that it is only going to last a couple summers (if that) anyway and for others only using it on the odd weekend buying good gear will last them for many years to come. Next time you're in the store or on the trail look around and have a chuckle for yourself.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Nalgene

How has Nalgene become such a huge name in heavy duty water bottles? I have worked in wilderness camping for a couple years and yes they are great for camping. Also they are great at times when I am treeplanting, but really $10 bucks for a one liter water bottle? I do admit Nalgenes are basically indestructible other than their very weak lid to bottle strap. One reason may be that Nalgene, until recently, did not really have very much for competition in the high strength water bottle market. I suppose they must be good seeing that they have sold millions of their little plastic bottles.