Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I'm starting to get excited! About what you may say? About going out west to ski that is! Hopefully the snow will keep falling in the Rockies so there will be a sweet base by the time I get out there to ski the powder. Before that I have to keep my mind on school and studies though.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Back in the warmer days of summer when I was down in Maine helping out at camp. One of the days I had the opportunity drive down to Baxter State Park and hike up Mount Katahdin. This mountain is the end of the Appalation trail so it was interesting to see one person on the top who had just finished the trail. I would have to say he was not sweating nearly as much as I was. Me and a friend (Zac) climbed up from amphitheater along the knife's edge then down Taylor. It was a great day and a great hike to end my summer travels.


Sunday, November 14, 2004

Snow Again

It seems a bit early, but we have had two days already this year were snow has stayed on the ground for at least one day. Last night was the first occasion for the year to have the plows running. I know it's mid November but it simply feels too early to be snowing that much already. It's a fact of life I suppose to have some interesting weather once in a while. I should be out there enjoying it making snow men again or something. I am really hoping that it is snowing this much out west in the Rockies so when I am out there over Christmas I will have some sweet skiing!


Monday, November 08, 2004


I know I have talked about beach biking before, but it is really exciting to see the different possibilities for biking on PEI this time of year. It is, I will admit, a little colder than the summer but this time of year the beach is much firmer to bike on and there are very few people out there so no one will really be put out if you bike by them (like they would be anyway). It is a great way to explore new beaches and places you may have never know about before. I however will not be responsible it you take out a good mountain bike worth more than my car and get the bearings and gears full of sand and salt. I take a couple old beaters. For instance my last time out biking I lost my seat and my handle bars came loose. A few minor repairs and it will be up and going again. Get out Explore your Island.


Monday, November 01, 2004


When I say Kentucky, originally about 5 months ago I always thought about the State of Kentucky in the USA. It's funny how that changed to now thinking about my little cat named Kentucky. (funny name you may say for a cat, but my sister named it for were she now lives and teaches). I really don't know what a cat is thinking, but Kentucky can spend hours simply sitting by my fish tank looking at the fish and occasionally sticking her paw into the tank for a swipe at one that she thinks is close enough. She keeps doing it, even though she will never, ever get a hold of one (at least I don't think she will). It's funny to watch, she gets so excited!