Sunday, May 14, 2006

Just another day on the block

Treeplanting on the coal mines just outside the boundaries of Jasper National Park always seem to produce an eventful experience. This is normally due to the extreme weather along with the more than abundant wildlife making for interesting days (one of the hundreds of Big Horn Sheep that live on the reclaimed strip mines that eat the pine trees we plant a quickly as we can plant them). Since we were planting at such high elevations on these mines any precipitation we received always turned into snow which we often had to simply plant through. Every year we seem to have at least one big snow storm along with always seeing a number of Grizzlies (normally from the "safety" of a vehicle), but this year I had quite a close encounter while I was out planting, a mother and cub decided to give me a little visit. Tomorrow is a full day off in town which is needed for some major gear repairs and replacements.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Planting is in full swing again.  I just finished my first contract today and am currently heading to GP from Cadomin (currently using some random persons wireless access).  Oh we are heading, loosing connection later.