Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Snowy Mountains, Australia

My sister Katie and I traveled to the Snowy Mountains this weekend for a day of horse back riding.  This is the setting for the film The Man From Snowy River (and The Return of the Man from Snowy River) which I have been a big fan off since childhood (horses + mountain scenery are a big win for me).  The trip was beautiful and a fun experience to share with Katie.

We took the coastal route to reach the Jindabyne (day trip from Melbourne) where we started our ride and for the return trip we drove through the mountains and high country.  The drive was very scenic as we traversed winding roads,  crossed over the crest of the mountain range and passed through green valleys.


 A lookout point

 About to run up the hill at the end of the day.

The road close to Jindabyne
 Katie at the high point of the mountain pass at an elevation of 1580 m (on the Alpine way).
 Green pastures in the valleys
 Approaching the Hume River

Monday, April 21, 2014

MCHRP - Winter 2014 Timelapse

Timelapse video of the project since piling works (Winter 2014).

Visit youtube for higher definition video (720p).


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ground Floor Slab (Basement Ceiling) Casting - Completed

Over the past two days we were able to complete the Ground Floor casting over the basement.  It took over 240 workers on site a total of 15 + 11 hours over these days. The hot season is now definitely upon us with high temperatures and humidity (39C/102F). This completes the second of a planned 12 major slab castings.

Site overview day one casting

Head loading the concrete to be placed

Completed retaining wall with slab casting ongoing above (First layer of bitumen, poly then Platon installed on exterior of wall)

Site overview on casting day two

Completed casting - preparing for ponding

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Basement Ceiling Slab - Ready for Casting

The basement ceiling slab is ready for casting.  Additional workers are due to arrive Friday night so we can start early Saturday morning. The electrical conduits for lighting, fans and outlets took a few more days than anticipated to complete. Similarly with the through slab plumbing - the workers took longer to mobilize than expected. The on site workers are currently focusing their attention to the grade beams in the Southeast wing of the building.
Site overview from South (April 6, 2014) 
Reviewing the slab reinforcing rod and electrical conduit work
Waterproofing basement retaining wall
Finishing the last of the steel tying
 Steel work around a column 

Opening for the main central stairway

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Malumghat to Melbourne

Holly made her journey from Malumghat to Melbourne last week to visit with her siblings who are living there. I was surprised to find out that it is still a 4 hour flight to Kula Lumpur Malaysia then another 8 hours to Melbourne, despite feeling like we are both on the other side of the globe. Thankfully there are some good discount airlines that service these major Asian routes.

Holly catching the local bus from Chakaria to Chittagong (the most difficult part of the journey through the crazy Thursday evening traffic -start of the weekend).
Holly, Katie and Zach in Melbourne
Holly at a wildlife sanctuary with kangaroos, Koala bears, etc.

Once we get the ground floor slab casting completed and finalize the plans for the next slab casting I will head off to Australia for a week to meet up and hopefully visit the great barrier reef.


Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Basement Ceiling Slab - Prep Work

We are quickly getting ready to cast the basement ceiling slab (ground floor slab above the basement) which is roughly 14,000 sq feet. This section of slab will contain 40 tons of steel rod and 10,000 cft of concrete. We are scheduled to have everything complete for casting early next week.

Basement ceiling slab - bottom steel

Progressing on top steel placement 
Other work is ongoing around the site. Mass fill work is starting to make significant progress within the building area. The primarily below grade brick retaining walls are taking shape. These walls will ensure the newly compacted soils do not slowly migrate away from under the slab as well as providing a surface to install an exterior stone veneer.

Masons laying the soil retaining wall

Retaining wall and backfill work ongoing 

A lot of fill still required in the central courtyard once the ceiling slab is cast and basement retaining wall is waterproofed 
One of the many local inhabitants checking out the building progress

Jon Barrett