Monday, July 09, 2007

Monkman Provincial Park

This past weekend I had a quick break from treeplanting so went on an incredible hike with a friend from Grande Prairie (Pepper). We booked it over to Monkman Provincial Park in BC. From there we hiked about 21km into the park to an area called the Cascades, which is a series of ten amazing waterfalls. The area somehow is very rarely used, but is simply unbelievably beautiful. The backcountry campsite we stayed at was just off the ledge of a 30 meter waterfall (Brooks Falls) and just across from another cool set of falls (Shire Falls). Another fun feature of this site was that there were numerous Black Morrel mushrooms (which are a delicacy in Japan I have been told) that we picked then sold back in town for $7.50 per/lb. I had a great time and would love to get back there someday when I have a few more days to explore (about 50km total in two full days can be tiring). More photos have been added to my Picasa Photo Gallery. (If you look closely in the photos you will notice the orange Pine trees which have been killed by the pine beetle in the area)