Thursday, January 29, 2015

Third Floor East Wing - Poured

Over the past two days the third floor west wing has just been poured. Thankfully it was another relatively smooth work as the crews now understand our expectations and standards - along with no significant equipment failures. Only two major slab castings (both roofs) remaining on the hospital.

 Third Floor East Slab Casting - Day 2

 Third Floor Slab Casting - Day 1
East Wing Work Progress - Third Level Casting, Second Level Bracing,  First Level Brick Wall Layout, Ground Floor Brick wall progress and ceiling plaster.

Ground Floor Plaster Work (East) - Left work completed the day before, Middle ongoing work, Right tomorrow's work.

Jon Barrett


Friday, January 23, 2015

A New Year in BD

Holly & Jon reviewing the First Floor East Layout
Reviewing the new Laboratory layout with lab techs

Waiting area rain & sun shades started to be installed

Third floor East ready for casting (January 24-25th)
When you can't find caramel - you make it. Boil a can of sweetened condensed milk for two hours. DELICIOUS (for Jon)
Out for a boat ride on a new river. Always a crowd gathers. Unfortunately we only made it a couple of kms due to the shallowness of the river this time of year.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Project Photospheres - January 10, 2015

Work continues to quickly progress on the East Wing. Third floor shuttering work is nearing completion and steel reinforcing work will start this week.

(Drag and Scroll to move around Photospheres below - click button on top right of each to go fullscreen)

Photosphere from December 13, 2014 - Working on the 2nd Floor Steel

Photosphere from January 10, 2015 - Working on the 3rd Floor Shuttering

Photosphere from January 10, 2015 - Working on the OPD Waiting Area (Main Entrance)


Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Girls Soccer - New Jerseys

When I was home in PEI this summer, the soccer team I've played with for several years (Winsloe Senior Women's - Globe) graciously let me join for 5 weeks of summer league.  I heard the club had an excess of some relatively new jerseys they didn't need/want and my coach Grant helped me fill my car after a game.  Jon and I carried several sets (over 100 jerseys) back to Bangladesh.

I have been holding weekly sports classes (with a focus on soccer) for the junior and senior girls over the past couple years.  We may have a language barrier but we have fun and the girls have been improving and enjoying practicing their skills.  I handed over the jerseys at a school picnic for a photo op with some of the girls.  The kids are just starting a new year of classes after exams and holidays.  I'm looking forward to meeting again this month.

Some of the MCH high school girls class 6,7, and 8

Putting on their Game Face

MCH high school girls class 9-10

MCH high school principal and senior boys folding a set of royal blues (they are hoping to share these ones).



Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!

We enjoyed a few low key days over the Christmas holidays.  We hosted a family of 7 who are currently living in Chittagong for language study.  It was fun to have them and so many other guests who visited for the holidays this year.  We played games by the fire, ate lots of chocolate and cheese straight from North America, went on elephant rides, played sports, and rang in the new year with an annual jump in the pool.

Missed ya family and friends back home!!

Our guests helped make our house more cheery with a decorated tree and lights

Dark chocolate Jon bought for me online (carried in luggage of guest from US)

Christmas party with Dejongs, both our staff and their families

Christmas morning service at nearby village church.  Celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Boxing Day Activity - Elephant rides for all in MCH's back yard (Hollywood Bowl).
We were all very impressed to watch him smash and pierce open coconuts and tuck snacks in the gap between his tusk and trunk to save for later.

Happy Birthday Jon! Thanks to Meghan for the delicious gf chocolate cake!

Pool Jump - Round 2 (missing a few)

Jon getting some air and anticipating the cold


Monday, January 05, 2015

2014 MCH Project Time-lapse

Time-lapse video of construction in 2014