Saturday, February 28, 2015

MCH - East Wing Roof - Completed

The East Wing Roof was cast today from 5:15am till 3:15am the next morning (22 hours). This is the last of the large wing castings. Over the next six weeks all the remaining structural works will be completed with one more medium size (6,000 sq ft) and one small (2,000 sq ft) slab.

East Wing Roof - Slab Casting - Feb 28, 2015
Site Overview - Feb 24, 2015

New Project View from Existing Hospital Entrance

Progress on the OPD waiting and Pharmacy Area

West Wing - West Elevation Progress


Friday, February 20, 2015

Kuta, Lombok

Our last full day away we spent in Kuta, Lombok which was a lot of fun. Eating good fish, scootering around and some final surfing.

Up and down the coast there was a beautiful untouched beach at every cove. A lot of  fun on a scooter exploring looking for waves at each place. (too bad I don't know much about good surfing waves)

Looking down at Kuta and bays beyond to the East

Kuta Bay - still fairly undeveloped and much of a fishing village

Very granular sand on the beach - makes it hard to walk

Hiring a boat to take us out to a few surf breaks for the afternoon

Jon paddling back to the boat from the Don Dons break


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mt. Rinjani Crater Rim Trek

After a few days on the beach we were ready to start exploring inland by foot. As it is the rainy season (thankfully we did not get much rain) there are very few people on the trails however a number of trails were closed due to the risk of rock slides around the volcano.  We did the Crater Rim trek which is a beautiful hike starting on the rice terraces of the lower volcano then into the coffee and coca bean plantations before heading into the park jungle (with all of its wildlife) until we reached about 2,000 m where it opened up into beautiful grasslands. From the crater rim you look down into the crater with a very large lake and the active cone with Mt. Rinjani in the background. Heading South to Kuta, Lombok for our last day/night.

Holly looking over the crater rim down to the lake and active cone on the left

Some of the grey monkeys seen on the hike up - Also saw a number of the more elusive black monkeys

Our camp on top of the crater rim (yellow tent at the top right)

Gili Islands seen to the West at sunrise

Holly enjoying a hot tea and breakfast at sunrise

Sunrise over Mt. Rinjani

Hiking down through the grasslands

Through the jungle

Our hiking team (two porters and guide) - more than we needed - they had camp chairs and even a toilet tent

Coffee berries (immature)

Cocoa pod

Terraced rice fields on the lower slopes of the mountain


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gili Islands

Holly and I grabbed a fast boat from Bali Island to the Gili Islands. It was still about a 2 hour long boat ride through the open ocean so it was fairly rough, but still quite enjoyable with the warm sun and views.  We stayed on Gili Trawangan and enjoyed some great snorkeling as we biked around this small island. Heading to Lombok for trekking to the Mt. Rinjani crater rim.

Jon walking back up the beach after some snorkeling out at Shark Point 

Holly paddle boarding

The water is a bit milky this time of year, but we had a few non-rain day which made the visibility surprisingly good.

The hut we stayed at

The entire island was surrounded by beautiful beaches and coral reef


Saturday, February 14, 2015


Holly and I are having a great getaway in Bali with relaxing, eating, exploring, surfing and shopping. We head to the Gili Islands tomorrow.

Ulu Watu, Bali

Beaches along the cliffs of Bukit Peninsula

Jon trying to surf Kuta, Bali

Jon worn out and sore - had some major surf board burns after a few time out

Major downpour was as we arrived and were walking the few blocks to our hotel - we got drenched and started to wonder if this was a good time to visit Bali?

Lots of good eating

Holly really enjoyed this shop that had Gluten Free goods