Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Global Smoothie

I'm excited, I finally have my blender here in Fredericton so I put it to use this evening. I think I have just made one of the best smoothies ever, it's delicious. I call it the global smoothie (despite missing a few key ingredients to be truly global). Basically I was clearing out any fruit that has been sitting around for a few days. If you want to attempt this smoothie here are the basic ingredients

  • Fortified rice milk (vanilla flavored-could use regular or soy milk)
  • Grapes (a couple good handfulls)
  • Kiwi whole (just remove the stems at the ends)
  • Apple (cored)
  • Cranberries (good hand full)
  • Carrot (one good sized)
  • Yogurt (a good splash)
  • Frozen Fruit mix (peaches, mango, wild berries, pineapple... adds a nice chill)
  • Honey (a good squeeze)
  • Flax meal (heaping tablespoon- thickener, adds Omega-3 and has a hint of a nutty flavor)
  • Dragon Fruit (if available- I unfortunately didn't have any)

I just need something from Africa to be truly Global...

What else would make a good smoothie? I know a lot of people like bananas in the mix, but that's not my style. I should try some veggie smoothie.