Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Cadomine caving

I was working from a small town called Cadomin for a number of days.  In the town there is only one small motel that I stayed in and a corner store that is only open from 10 till 2.  so that means it's never open when we are around.  This town is cool though because after my first shift (that was 8 days long) my day off was in this small town which is actually a Hamlet and not even a town, I was able to go up to some caves they have in the mountains just outside of the village.  These caves I have been told are the largest limestone caves in Canada.  They are really cool.  There were so many huge caverns and lots of small tunnels.  It was definitely kind of interesting when the bats keep flying right in front of your face.  They definitely make you jump.  It was sweet I hope to be able to go back with more people next time to explore it in even more detail.

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