Saturday, May 21, 2005

Coal Mines

I am finally finished my First contract of the season.  I would say of the 3 years doing this contract this has been my favorite year.  I had 21 days of planting with only two days off during that time.  The wildlife at the mines seems to get better every year also.  This year the Grizzly had two bear cubs and on one day there was a male Grizzly hanging around also.  I thought it was interesting when we were planting trees soaked in blood (to keep the longhorn sheep from eating them) when we had a mother and two cubs in sight in one direction and a male Grizzly just over the hill in the other direction.  Don't know who exactly planned that one.   Well I am now in Grande Prarrie about to go out to my next contract for a couple weeks.  I'm hopeing it will go well but I am having my doubts that it will be a great contract.

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