Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I finally had enough of the problems that my old camera were giving me so I spent an afternoon in Saigon camera hunting. In the end I did not upgrade as much as I may have hoped, but the price I got for the new camera was unbeatable so I had to go for it. In Malaysia I may look for a bit better of a camera even though I have been very happy with this new one. Canon IXUS 50 = European version of the powershot SD400. (The good 'ol days with my Canon Powershot A520)


Anonymous said...

Dear Jon, I'll be the first to add to your comments as you journey around. Glad to hear you are enjoying seeing another part of the world. I know I sure enjoy the pictures! Yes, it is exciting about the new nephew! Can't wait to see some pictures of him! God's speed and safety. Aunt Ethel

Noel said...

I am glade to hear you got a new camera you can't come home and not show me any new photo's