Tuesday, January 23, 2007

GE ecomagination

I find desalination an interesting topic/field so I have been putting a bit of research into it. While studying what I could online I have found out that GE has been investing greatly into this field for obvious reasons. I know GE has had some serious ecologically damaging habits in the past, but it at least appears that they are trying to change that for their future. Which on their part is a wise business move. Below is a link to a commercial they produced that I have to say I enjoyed (quite humorous - fishing for fresh water).
ecomagination commercial
Also if you are interested in a few of their ecomagination projects click the following link:
ecomagination projects


Anonymous said...

jonny, desalination? what in the world is that? you are too smart for your own good. or maybe i am just not... i love you and miss you. i am going on a hiking trip ( overnight in a tent) this weekend. pray for me, i might get eaten by bears:). love you,
Psalm 121

Jon Barrett said...

Have fun on your hiking trip, Shira. I would be more scared about the cold, but I suppose Tenn. is not as bitterly cold as here. Desalination is simply the extraction of salts (and normally other impurities) from water. This is done either with sea water or even some ground water for drinking and agricultural usages.

shauna marie said...

this blog, jonny b... definitely reminds me why you would never play games w/ me... I think you only played checkers once with me....I was holdin' out for candyland.. .but, to no avail.

Jon Barrett said...

Shauna, to my defence, candyland is for ages 3&up. (plus I don't know how to play it). Checkers, Chess and Backgammon - those are some great classics.