Thursday, January 11, 2007


It seems like I will have to set aside my passport for a short while now as I embark on a few months of scholastic activity.  Which reminds me I need to send away for a new passport since the one I have now does not have a free page. A quick side story about this issue while traveling that I found Interesting was when I entered China they did not give me a full page Travel Visa in my passport as is typical (instead they issued me a travel permit for Tibet and the rest of China on an 8x10 piece of paper I had to carry on my person)  If they had put a visa in my passport I would have not had enough space for my Russian Visa which would have severely hindered my Trans-Siberian trip along with my flight from Moscow to NYC.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you are settling into college life again! I was just wondering if you would continue your blog of your escipades - I know things won't be quite as exciting as your world wide travels, but we still want to keep up with you and how things are going at UNB. You get your living accommodations all set up? Talked to Mom y'day - well, maybe not much talk FROM her because she had laringitis! Take care - and do write once in a while. Love, Aunt Ethel

Anonymous said...

Well it is good to have the lil wondering boy back home:). I enjoyedreadying about all your truley are blessed. I look forward to the time we meet again and can go throught your photo album. till then I have a package of State quarters with your name on them I will get them in the mail this week ....hopefully LOL.
cya l8er mate,

shauna marie said...

so does it still only take 30 seconds to fall asleep from the moment your head hits your pillow? or has that lessened now? :)

Jon Barrett said...

Ethel, as you may already be able to tell I doubt I will update my blog very often over the upcomming months. Maybe the odd afternoon when I am trying to put off my studies I may post some randon sentence or two. Ted, good to hear from you I will have to check my collection sometime to see what is left. 30 seconds - I'm not sure but I know it's not very long.