Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sea of Galilee

From Jerusalem we made our way to Tiberius to visit the Sea of Galilee. This area of Israel was much more lush than the vast desert land in the south. I tried my faith on the sea, unfortunately I sunk even quicker than Peter (although I did not go in as deep as it did not seem very sanitary these days- a lot of algae, garbage and "no swimming" signs). From Galilee we passed through Nazareth on our way to the Mediterranean where we stayed in the crusader city Akko for the night (we arrived just after dark and the city is a maze of alleyways so got turned around a few times just to find the place we wanted to stay out of business). In the Morning we made our way south along the Mediterranean to the Roman city of Ceasearea before cutting back inland to the Dead Sea. (Photos: Jon in the Sea of Galilee, Ceasearea ruins)

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