Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Christmas Tree

It took a bit of work, but we finally have our Christmas tree up. We were given an artificial tree from one of the houses of people on furlough,  just to find out that the wood post had been eaten by termites! So we had 50 branches with no pole.  Thankfully we were able to describe what we needed to the workshop and they made up this new post. The down side with artificial trees is that without ornaments to fill the voids they don't really look that great? We plan on going to Hearthouse to see if the ladies there can make us a few little things to put on the tree. Maybe even a couple stocking for over the fireplace.

Merry Christmas,



Anonymous said...

Popcorn strings, paper chains, dry seeds/leaves/fruit on string, tinfoil angles and stars, clothespin reindeer, and cotton snowmen. You can do it :-) Have fun!

Anonymous said...

oh it looks great but I know it will get some treasures added! Make sure you post the finally product! I hope you are all feeling loved and supported over there! Merry Christmas you two! I so admire you and looooove hearing your journey!!! LOVE Erin B