Monday, July 22, 2013

Layout Checking

The building layout has been finalized for all the pile works. We thoroughly check the layout last Friday with only a few minor adjustments. All the pile points are set with a two foot piece of rebar driven into the ground for centre - encased by a 6" concrete cap to ensure these points are not disturbed during surrounding work. The water tanks are now ready after a couple days of workers digging in the mud. Pile boring is to start first thing in the morning for two crews. The third crew should be ready to start the Wednesday.

(Jon - Checking Pile Levels - with Contractor)

(Holly - Measuring Pile Points - with Consultant)

(Checking Grid Line Measurements)

(Digging Water Tank for Pile Boring  - Surveying Pile Points)

(Pile Boring Rigs Setup On Site)


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Anonymous said...

We have been checking your blogs to see how the project is progressing. Looks good! Good job, Jonathan!