Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Basement Slab Prep and OPD Footings

The remaining foundation work in the 15,000 sq foot basement area is now completed (West wing). The workers are continuing to backfill and compact up to the required elevation for the slab casting. Compaction work can be a tedious job without heavy equipment, as every lift can only be a maximum of 6 inches thick to get adequate results for compaction. 

(Ongoing compaction work in the basement area)

Pile cap and short column work up to the first grade beam in the East wing is nearing completion. This area does not have a basement so there is some additional work to be completed to get the grade and columns up to the final finished floor grade.

(Site overview - from the Southeast)

The laborers have been earth cutting in the front Outpatient Department Waiting area. This area has spread footings for foundation support as it is only one and two levels.  The first few footings have now been cast in this area.

(Labors doing earth cutting and installing spread footing steel)

(Long hard days of cutting and hauling earth)

(First spread footing casting)

(Watching the first spread footing casting in the OPD waiting area)

At the end of the day It is always encouraging to walk through the existing building to see the great care and treatment that is able to be given despite the desperate need for a new facility.

(Dr. Fowler, doing rounds)

(Dr. Kelley and Dr. Piovesan doing a surgery in one of two existing OR suits. The cracking wall in the corner of the room can easily be seen.)

Jon Barrett

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