Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Teas

Bengalis like celebrations and they love their tea so over the Christmas season these are combined to make many Christmas Teas. A time to get together to eat some bengali sweets, drink some tea and tell the Christmas Story.

The Construction workers at a tea put on by the hospital staff

Tea at our house for our's and another couple's employees and their families 
(Jia, the guy getting his hair pulled by his daughter helps in our house and Goni, a gardener we share with a couple other families, is just behind/beside Holly)


Christmas program at the Chabagan Church. Lower numbers this year than last due to hartals, but still many hundred people. After church we walked around the village to have tea with many of the national hospital staff.

Holly opening her Christmas presents (Peanut Butter, Honey, Soya Milk and some Cadbury Dark Chocolate). The ongoing political unrest has made it difficult to get to town for supplies, but I was thankful we could get one of the doctors that was in town to bring these gifts down for us.


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