Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Banded Krait Snake

Almost every day there is something interesting or odd that happens on site.  Just a couple days ago I get a call from our national site assistant who says in his broken english, "there is a snake on site"... At first my thought is that it was just another common garter snake that was dug up by a worker.  When Holly and I get out there and see this black and yellow snake we quickly realize this is likely the "two step snake" that various other staff on site have warned of (black and yellow/white stripes). People have called it the two step snake as they say that it is so poisonous that you would not even get two steps away before you are down, which we have since researched and found is not quite true. When we got there one of the local workers was there playing with it with a stick, thankfully it is a fairly slow and non-aggressive snake. In the end no-one was bitten and the snake was properly disposed of to ensure it does not get into the labor sheds on site.

 A barefoot local worker picking the snake up with a stick

Banded Krait


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