Sunday, January 19, 2014

Basement Slab - Ready for Casting

The steel and formwork is now complete for the basement portion of the building.  A number of deficiencies will be corrected over the next few days. With the roads being open for the last week and predicted to be open this week we should be able to get the final couple loads of cement on site to enable casting to start by the end of the week.

Basement Area Overview - Ready for Casting
View from the Northwest

View down the basement North/South Corridor

While finishing work is being completed to get ready for basement casting, Grade Beam work in the East wing has been started and is ongoing.
 Grade Beam Steel Tying

 Grade Beam Layout/Setup
Jon Barrett


Anonymous said...

Looks. Rey impressive. Continued success! OX Cindy & Bob

Anonymous said...

Sorry our comment printed in error. It should read "very impressive"!

Noel Bondt said...

Missed a spot, needs more rebar!! :) Happy to see things coming along on the project!!! praying for ya's till then