Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Snowy Mountains, Australia

My sister Katie and I traveled to the Snowy Mountains this weekend for a day of horse back riding.  This is the setting for the film The Man From Snowy River (and The Return of the Man from Snowy River) which I have been a big fan off since childhood (horses + mountain scenery are a big win for me).  The trip was beautiful and a fun experience to share with Katie.

We took the coastal route to reach the Jindabyne (day trip from Melbourne) where we started our ride and for the return trip we drove through the mountains and high country.  The drive was very scenic as we traversed winding roads,  crossed over the crest of the mountain range and passed through green valleys.


 A lookout point

 About to run up the hill at the end of the day.

The road close to Jindabyne
 Katie at the high point of the mountain pass at an elevation of 1580 m (on the Alpine way).
 Green pastures in the valleys
 Approaching the Hume River

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