Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Second Floor Slab (West) - Complete

After a marathon of a cast the second floor slab (West) is now complete.  The workers started at 4:30am Sunday morning and finished 5:30am Monday morning (25 hour continuous casting).  I found it quite impressive that the workers were able to continue doing such hard labor for this long period of time. Although by hour 22 the pace of progress started to quickly drop.

Site Overview on Casting Day - July 6, 2014

Despite being a very wet start to the monsoon season we were blessed to have a perfect casting day. NO RAIN, often overcast, humid, light breeze, and comparably not too hot - great for the concrete curing and mainly great for the workers (except the humidity). This was a huge blessing as once we start casting it is costly and provides many technical difficulties if heavy prolonged rain occurs.
Second Floor Slab

There is now 58,000 sq ft of slab cast so progress continues at a steady pace. Two more slabs remaining on this West wing before we move to the East portion of the building.

Moving, Mixing and Lifting 


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