Monday, December 08, 2014

Quality Control (and an unfortunate balloon mishap)

Quality management is a big part of our job here in Bangladesh as project managers for a large construction project.  From the supply of raw materials such as sand, stone, cement, and bricks to pipe, electrical components, doors, and windows to the installation of these items and construction of structural slabs, columns and brick walls.  It is a constant theme.  It particularly can be a challenge in a country where this kind of thing is widespread.

Actual Men's Size Medium Shirt with RL insignia, Oshkosh tag - made by....not sure

not real Blu-ray - copies of movies sold at many shops

not real Nike - cricket bat
Pepsi, Coca-Cola and a nice Nic Nac...

not real Doc (I was just observing but unfortunately this is a real issue in Bangladesh)

Well I recently played victim to poor product quality when I purchased a couple packs of balloons. It even had an English warning that I missed "Fake Product with Bad Quality & High Defects".  While trying to blow a balloon just a little bit bigger it exploded on my eye.  I'm fine but it was sore for a few days.  I wasn't a big fan before this event, but I think I'll be swearing off balloons forever now....


Lasik eye still intact

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