Saturday, April 04, 2015

Harvest Season

Bangladesh has many seasons (even now after 2 years I still don't know all the seasons - up to 8 some people say) and every season seems to be a good time to plant some crop, especially rice, however the most common season for planting vegetables is the winter season when the air is cooler and dry. This is when we are able to grow our gardens and enjoy the many vegetables not commonly available in the markets here (sweet corn, broccoli, sweet peppers, lettuce, French beans, Brussels sprouts, garden beets, Swiss char, cherry tomatoes, peas, and so on). It is always exciting when the first crops come in and we can enjoy fresh salads and freshly steamed garden vegetables.  We are now almost at the end of our personal garden season, yesterday afternoon I collected a few of the remaining veggies, however the market is still full of other good produce (carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin and other local veggies) Watermelon is the favorite fruit of this season as the weather is starting to get hot and they are easily available for about two months.

House #2 - Barrett Garden
Bananas from our garden

Taking pumpkin blossoms and eggplant to market

Peanut harvest

Potato harvest

Straw from rice harvest
Pinapples starting to grow in our garden

Tobacco harvest - unfortunately a cash crop in the hills that takes up a lot of good agricultural land from the locals


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