Thursday, April 06, 2006

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls are something like Niagara falls (for those who have been to Niagara), just placed in the jungle and stretched over a much more vast of an area which makes for many more falls along with the falls all dropping into a slightly deeper canyon.  When I have an opportunity I will try to post a few pictures which will be able to describe themselves.  Apart from that how can I describe them, there is a lot of water that falls a good amount of distance to produce a thunderous noise and a huge cloud of mist (along with thousands of tour bus tourists pushing to get a good photo and view).   OK, don´t go by that description wait for the pictures.  I have to say the falls were amazing, but after being to the fairly secluded Angel Falls in Venezuela (along with the multitude of amazing other falls that you can play around and in, in that same area) it is hard to say that I was blown away by Iguazu.  I still however had to simply stand there in amazement at their great power.  I do not know how anyone would be able not to stand there in awe. On a more humours note I got stung by at least a half dozen stinging wasp type things (I will leave the details on how I managed to do this for later stories).  My fingers and hands swelled all up like balloons (well, maybe not that bad, but it felt like it). One of my hands is still tender and slightly swollen. (Pictures of the Iguazu to follow shortly)


The Book Worm said...

Do you have pictures of your balloon fingers? Cause I would like to see that. :)

shauna marie said...

random! Ice cream? Jonathan! Weirdo! And definitely share "balloon" pics

Jon Barrett said...

Is the description not enough. I am still itching my left arm, right ankle, left leg, right hand allover and left index finger. I really kind of wish I did not go and try to cut my own path through the bushes now.