Friday, June 02, 2006

Back to the Block

Back to the classic cut blocks in Alberta. This block had some slash (the non-harvested trees and branches still laying around) along with a few poorly spaced mounds (random piles of dirt randomly piled up by an excavator) in the wet areas. The taxi we use to get to most blocks.


Bobby said...

hey Jon your blocks look pretty tough. you problely still got close to 4000 tree in I bet. Thats pretty cool getting to go in to a block by heli. Well god speed Jon

Jon Barrett said...

The land does looks tough but really not too bad at all. Some of the mounds were as tall as me but super soft so I just jammed the tree in by hand with no shovel. (good guess on trees - I think I did just over 3500 on this block then got helied to another for 1200 more)

Anonymous said...

Wow....You guys are impressive! Nice to see you are keeping track of each other - and a little completition? Still looks like mighty tough work - hard on the back!? Got a kick out of that little video of you planting, Jon. I'm sure Grammie and Poppie will enjoy seeing it! Take care, both of you and keep writing! Love, Aunt Ethel