Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Laos & the Mekong River

Currently working my way through the beautiful country of Laos. Upon entering the country I quickly started a two day slow boat journey down the Mekong River which was an interesting experience (and one that I do not want to repeat any time soon). The scenery along the way was wonderful, but the tight conditions and the hard wooden seats made the two days on the river almost unbearable at times. Right now I am trying to rest in Luang Prabang to recuperate from the journey, before I keep moving South. Luang Prabang happens to be a great old French colonial town on the banks of the Mekong as well so it is very picturesque. I almost forgot to mention the markets and the stores sell rip offs of almost everything (such as I am sure everyone knows). If you want 5 season of 24 I could get the pack of them for about $40. Any movie imaginable for about $2. Jack Wolfskin or The North Face packs starting at $10. Birkenstocks starting at $2. You name it they will copy it. Some is legit stuff, but it costs a bit more (however still much less than back home). Laos food has been enjoyable. Being an old French colony there is a lot more baguettes and sandwiches around which is a nice change from fried rice, steamed rice or sticky rice.


Anonymous said...

Once again sounds like you are having just a wonderful time. Yummy sandwiches I guess that means it's lunch time here!

The Barretts said...

I hope you get my name for Christmas...lots of gifts!! heheeh

Anonymous said...

Get yourself some new clothes and send them home!! New clothes for university. The boat does look crowded! Was it a tour group? Love and prayers Mom and Dad

shauna marie said...

I'm in on the 24 disc set! ;)

Anonymous said...

There he goes again! Love the photo gallery. Keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,

Interesting places you're seeing. A lot of history there (along that Mekong delta), some that people would not like to keep in memory, as confilt has a nasty habit of being part of human history, but yes, beautiful country.