Friday, October 20, 2006

Pai Rafting

The Whitewater rafting trip through the remote jungle was a blast. I have done tougher rapids before, but the whole atmosphere was great. Somehow everyone (even the guide) fell out of the raft throughout the rapids, but somehow I managed to stay in for the whole journey. I really enjoyed the jungle lodge (lodge might be a bit generous- more like huts) that we camped at for the night. There were monkeys the ran around making trouble, I tried to catch some catfish, a quick trek to a waterfall not far from the camp, then after dark the guide and two other guys that were working at the lodge took me out on a hunt for small creatures (only caught frogs, but were looking for snakes) that was kind of crazy as I only had a small pen light and they had these big lights and went running off into the jungle so after a while I was all by myself in the absolutely dark jungle (thankfully they did come back for me after a few minutes). I did want to go for an elephant trek tomorrow, but there is some special celebration the are needed for so I am going to move on to Chaing Mai and then on to Laos shortly after that.


shauna marie said...

wow... this is like, a record for me... being the first to comment. anywho.. uh... I don't think any of us are too surprised that you're the only one that didn't fall out of the raft yo'.;)

The Barretts said...

Hey bro,
Beautiful pics...keep the updates coming!

Sarah & Jamin

Bobby said...

Thats awesome, it soons like that you are have lots of fun.

The pictures are great.

Anonymous said...

Of course you didn't fall out of the raft good job. Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,

Those Jungles remind me of home. Lush and green. Nice pictures, keep them coming. We'll have to go back to Belize sometime.