Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Kathmandu is such a cool town.  I arrived yesterday afternoon (Monday) on a direct flight from Bangkok.  How I got on that flight I have no idea since I had been trying to get on it for a while.  I just called the ticket office at 2 am and they got me on (They made it sound like it was the last seat on the flight and it only just opened up due to a cancellation - I believe them since the flight was totally packed).  The streets around Kathmandu are just tiny, but totally bustling with the many locals and travelers alike.  Every shop seems to sell The North Face and Mountain Hard Ware stuff (imitation of course).  I have picked up a number of articles of clothing in an attempt to get suited for my EBC (Everest Base Camp) trek that I hope to start in the morning (if the weather holds up for my flight into the hills).  It should be interesting especially since I do not have the recommend amount of time to do it in so it will all come down to how quickly I can get acclimatized to the elevation jump.  I have to say I am excited.  Hopefully my porter does not get too upset if I want to go a bit faster than most of his usual clients.


Noel said...

hey Jonathan I like your double post :) I am still missing seeing photo's of the wonders of Asia... talk to ya soon till then Noel

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a good hike. . .trek. . .whatever. Take lots of pictures.

Anonymous said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!!!! CAN NOT EXPLAIN HOW PUMPED I AM FOR YOU! dude!! Enjoy His creation... oh man oh man! thanks for not going surfing! ;)

Anonymous said...

that's so wonderful. Have a blast on your trek! Enjoy God's beauty!
Take lots of photos and stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cous'
Greetings from western New York. I just found your blog here at my in-laws place. You are amazing. I wanna be like you when I grow up. I can't wait to hear more stories, and see more pics. Enjoy your trek. Talk to you later!
Cous' Denis (the one with a tan :-)

Anonymous said...

Johnny, Your CRAZY! but it sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you have a good time climbing! I'm sure you'll make it all the way there.

Jon Barrett said...

Oops, I did post KTM twice. And sometimes I am in a rush so I don't always have the opportunity to post pictures on both Picasa and my blog unfortunately. Pictures, I did take many of those (actually filled the memory card I had with me). I have to say I did have a lot of fun and saw some incredible scenery (and was utterly thankful that I did not come down with AMS)