Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I had to finally move on from Koh Tao after a number of excellent dives.  I did a bit of Island hopping today then bussed to Phuket where I am now online.  Plan on checking out a few beaches in the morning (basically take it easy) then catch a boat early afternoon for Koh Phi Phi then possibly onto Krabi.  Not planning on staying long here because there are way too many two week tourists (So often I want to stand up and tell them to take a chill pill - lame I know- when they start to go off on some poor Thai person.  They just don't seem to realize they are not in the west anymore and have to go by Thai schedules and Thai rules... That's all I will say about that)


Anonymous said...

hey buddy,
i am so glad you are having fun. i have a quick question. are you flying into atlanta or knoxville on the 20th? i can't wait to see you. we move into our house in a week and we are so excited.. can't wait to spend some time with you.
Shira <><

shauna marie said...

I think you should tell the white people off: I mean, come on: you're only there once! take it you're not coming to L.A either... lol. have fun!! :)

Jon Barrett said...

I as of yet don't have a ticket home. I have seen a reasonable price from Beijing right to Knoxville. Thinking about booking that, but still am thinking about a few other options.

shauna marie said...

beijing to knoxville.

who thought of THAT flight? poor people on board... ahaha. whatever dude. just let me know. I'm 99.9999999% sure I'm here. actually: I am... 'cause I'm at work on the day that you proposed. ha. sorry, rambeling. i'm outtie.

Lucy Phillips said...

We really enjoy catching up with your recent adventures. It must be amazing to see and do everything!

Stay safe!

Jenn, Corey and Jack

Bobby said...

I can't believe that you are think about coming home. I can't wait to hear some of your stories.

Hope to see you the christmas

Anonymous said...

Ah, the "Ugly American" as seen by a Canadian. We see that every once in a while here in Brazil too.