Monday, February 05, 2007

David Suzuki

I was able to attend a David Suzuki lecture yesterday as he is traveling across Canada on his "If you were prime minister" tour (he is trying to educate Canadians to support a government that is greener).  It was an interesting speech, some of which I obviously may not agree with, but overall very informative.  I do like the Nature Challenge that he puts out (it is similar to the one ton challenge the Canadian government produced).  The Nature Challenge gives 10 simple ways to reduce our footprint.  As Believers I feel it is our privilege to responsibly care for that which God has given us dominion over.


The Barretts said...

I heard on CBC that he was making the rounds. I bet it was an interesting talk.

I agree...we do have a responsibility to do our part.

Jon Barrett said...

Thankfully a friend reminded me that he was in town so we could go catch his talk Sunday afternoon.