Friday, February 23, 2007

Your Local Library

Throughout my life I have always enjoyed spending time at libraries and just wandering about the vast wealth of knowledge that is stored row by row, shelf by shelf. Often I just randomly start by picking up a classic book of literature and flip through the pages then browse through some non-fiction to discover how certain processes in nature or engineering work. This has always been something of enjoyment to me. Over the past number of years I have been to a healthy array of libraries especially while treeplanting or traveling North America (for Internet). In evaluation of which library I have enjoyed the most I would have to say it would be the one I visited in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a beautifully architectured building, it possessed a great variety of books and had high speed internet along with being clean, organized and efficient. Somewhat one the side but also tied into the whole library/reading/Salt Lake City topic (or possibly not) I have been reading a book about the fundamentalist Mormon movement "Under the Banner of Heaven" that I have recently borrowed from the local New Brunswick library. I do quickly have to say that after reading this book I am ever more thankful for the Christian beliefs I have been brought up with and have grown into. When I finish this book in the next couple days I plan on putting up a quick summary. Which I may try to do more often when I finish reading an interesting book.
All in all get out to your local public library, pick up a good book then extend your knowledge by reading it. And if you happen upon a good read that you think I may enjoy, email me and let me know.


shauna marie said...

alrighty. I just got my laptop: it's what I'm using to type right now. :) it's a Dell--Latitude/D510, I do believe.

is it good?

barry-eh said...

Colorado Springs has some great libraries. My favorite one is East Library. Great reading spot looking towards Pikes Peak.

Jon Barrett said...

That's good you have a computer you can use there now, Shauna. Dell generally make good reliable computers. Barry, next time I'm passing though Colorado Springs I will have to check out the East Library. It sounds fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I dont check out your blog a whole lot these days - more when you are traveling and I am committed to praying for you on behalf of your mom and my dear friend Elsie :O)
Now that I see you are settled - this is good! Give your guardian angels a little r and r.
Books? Now that is something to get excited about...try
The Generosity Factor (Elsie should have it) or The Dream Giver - Bruce Wilkerson; A Tale of Three Kings - Edwards; Prisoner in The Third Cell - Edwards; Ragamuffin Gospel - Manning; Leading With A Limp - Allendar; ....there should be something in that list that interests you. I love it when others suggest titles - a great way to explore further. Be blessed.
Mrs. W.

p.s. Shauna - check out,1759,1849878,00.asp info on your computer....
Take care! Gloria

Jon Barrett said...

I hadn't heard of a few of those titles. I will have to look those books up, see if I can find some of them at the Library here.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan, you will sure advance your education - not with your school books but with the variety of books you like to read yourself. Allison is like that and has such a wider span of knowledge because of it! I will look for the summary of your recent Morman book - I admit I am a poor reader but like to hear of a good book. We are having a miserable wintry day - can't wait for Spring! My friends say I should have moved further south - NY is just not that different in weather from New Brunswick, eh?? Take care. Love, Aunt Ethel