Monday, March 09, 2009

Mount Sinai

Holly and I decided to do a hike to Mount Sinai in order to experience the sunrise on the mountain. This required us to start out at 11:00 pm last night in order to drive to the base of the mountain about 2 hours away. We then hiked up the camel trail to the top, which took us about three hours taking it easy with lots of stops to catch our breath and warm up. It was a beautiful, clear, bright (close to full moon) and cold night. We reached just short of the top by about 4:00 am where we were able to warm up in a hut and rent a blanket. By 5:30 we made it to the summit and found a great spot to watch the sunrise. It was cold... very cold... waiting for the sun to come over the horizon. The sun did finally come just after 6:00 to the relief and light cheer of the people on the mountain as most people where freezing and wanted to descend. By 9:00 we were back at the base to check out St. Catherine's Monastery (supposed location of the burning bush) before heading back to catch up on a missed night of sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys are awesome! What a trek!!! But looks like a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime thing to see? Sure must have thrown you off schedule for a day or so tho?? are young! I give so much credit to Holly for keeping up with your schedule - and all that travelling. You guys sound to be pretty busy. Continue to take care and have safe travels. I check almost every day to see your most recent journal entry. Love, Aunt Ethel