Monday, November 19, 2012

Malumghat Home

We spent last week being introduced to our new home and neighbors in Malumghat and reviewing drawings and construction details for the new hospital.  The MCH hospital compound includes the existing hospital, an elementary school, a nursing school, a workshop, a canteen, a soccer field, and various apartments and homes located near the back of the property.     
We were surprised by the size and comforts of the home we will be living in (right).  It has been vacant for the past two years since the family living here returned to North America.  It has some mold and mustiness issues since it was unoccupied and due to the humidity in this area, and needs some general cleaning up but we are making great progress with it.  On the main floor we have two bedrooms, an office, two bathrooms, a dinning room/sitting area, a kitchen and wrap around porches for laundry, etc. Lots of room for visitors! The second story is mainly a open area which I have been told was used for parties in the past.  We are looking forward to having veggies from our section of the gardens (bottom right) in a few months. Meanwhile, there is a lot of variety at the market in the nearby town.



Sarah said...

Looks really nice! Glad you guys are settling in well!

Anonymous said...

Wow the kitchen looks so big and bright! awesome place to do some gluten free cooking! hope you are eating well and feeling good over there! we sure missed you at the brunch holly! praying for you both! love Erin B