Thursday, November 22, 2012

MCH Project Team

We have had an interesting past few weeks, between trying to get settled in, attempting to learn some language, exploring our surroundings, tasting & smelling new foods and primarily getting immersed in the project.  Holly and I have just spent the past week back in Dhaka working on project details with the national architectural/structural/mechanical firms doing the design as well as exploring what products and materials are available in country and the quality of such (from stores and on construction sites). Tonight we just arrived back down in Chittagong in order to meet with another engineer in the morning before we continue south to our home at Malumghat for "American Thanksgiving" dinner on Saturday.

Photo to the left of the "on the field" project team tucked away in our little corner of the doctors' office (A good place also to learn about tropical medicine -hundreds of books on the topic all around us there).

At the moment Holly and I are the only full time project personnel, however we have been very thankful for the fantastic team of professionals back in North America that have given their time to discuss issues and bounce ideas around with.
(Photo to the right of Jon at the Dhaka Guesthouse taking up the entire dining room table trying to get some work done between meals.)


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