Saturday, May 04, 2013

Dulahazara Safari Park

Dulahazara Safari Park is only 1 Km south of the Hospital. I would say back when it was originally built it had a good idea, the animals all had very large enclosures that you had to actually use a "Safari" vehicle or go up into tall structures to see the animals. Now however it seems as if the large enclosures would no longer contain the animals so they are penned up like any other typical zoo.  The only difference is now there is a long walk between cages as there is so much land that was designated as roaming areas. It was still an interesting visit as I wanted to see a Bengal Tiger.  

A man (potential tour guide) getting his head rubbed by a monkey

Lots of Monkeys... Picking through garbage.

Asian Bear up in a tree

Really high up in a tree

Bengal Tigers

Very huge Hippos

Burmese Python

It was a hot day - you can see the sweat on Jamin & Me

Group photo with Mr. Elephant

Feeding the elephant some grass

Another quick fun side trip.  Right now we are heading to Cox's to catch a flight this afternoon back to Dhaka.  The last 10 days of their visit has just flown by.


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Anonymous said...

Wow!That looks amazing! So glad that they had the chance to visit. Love you guys and miss you tons.
Love, Shira