Sunday, May 05, 2013

Jamin & Sarah

It was great to have my brother Jamin & his wife Sarah here for a couple weeks.  Jamin was able to provide some valuable electrical engineering advice and input for the new hospital project along with giving recommendations for upgrades to the existing facility's systems to improve power stability. Sarah was able to help with teaching English at the nursing college, with Holly's girls sports clubs and doing various other tasks to assist with the new hospital project. It really feels like just a couple days ago that I was waiting for them in the Dhaka airport and now today we just dropped them off again. Despite their first two days in country being Hartals (country wide strike) and the last two days being large demonstrations in Dhaka, including what was labeled by the American Embassy as a "Siege of Dhaka" today, we had no major travel issues.  Only minor schedule changes and transportation adjustments. Thank you for coming out to Bangladesh Jamin & Sarah.


Jamin working in the office

English class at the Nursing College 

Jamin looking at the generator substation

Sarah working in our new office

Jamin gathering electrical data

Volleyball at sports club

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