Saturday, June 15, 2013

Project Progress (Spring 2013)

The past few week we have been busy with various project activities.

The new hospital building contract with the general contractor has just been signed this week after final approvals from the legal team.  This means pile work will commence once the test pile results are returned.

(Just after signing with the contractor)

The test pile is ready for testing and is currently being setup to do the testing this week.

(The rains have started so we are starting to have issues with high water tables and )

(The sandbags will be piled on the steel frame so we can put 120 tons of force on the pile during testing)

Work on the new male dorm for the Baptist Bible College of Bangladesh (BBCB) is underway. The footings have been dug and cast.  The foundation columns are being formed up today.  We are currently replacing the male dorms, kitchen, dining room, study, storage and bathrooms.  In the future we will add some additional classroom space on the second level. This is being completed to replace their old buildings that will be removed due to the new hospital project.

(Footing Excavation)

(Concrete pouring - The site was tarped to allow casting & work during the rain)

(20 guys working all day to pour the footings - for mixing, moving & casting)

(Reinforcing steel for the footings)

(column formwork)

A new womens "VIP" (Western toilet) and two eastern toilets are being replaced so the old club house can be demolished for pile work.

A team has come in to mill the trees that were cut from the site.  The Mango tree boards are used for concrete formwork, the Mahogany & Gurjan tree boards will be used for millwork, etc.

(Lumber cutting)

(Always lots of kids around watching everything)

The new temporary road for the project is starting to show wear with the soft ground of the rainy season. The single axle trucks carry up to 22 yards of gravel/sand. We will have to add another layer of sand then a second layer of brick to allow trucks to keep coming during the monsoon season.

We are starting to stockpile materials on site. 


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