Monday, August 19, 2013


Holly and I had a fun time in Dubai. It is such a clean and developed city that I had a big initial shock when I arrived, but was quickly able to adapt. All the small simple things that we never really think of such as consistent power, readily available air conditioning, smooth roads, easy transport, mainly good english, clean streets, working signal lights on the roads, relatively quiet, supermarkets with any products you could ever want, clean tap water, 4G internet, etc. Although with these benefits I also quickly felt the difference in the cost of living.  A metro ride for 10 minutes is how much a 4-5 hour bus ride would cost in Bangladesh.

We had a fun time exploring the city and many of its incredible engineering feats, such as the tallest building in the world and the huge man made Islands.

Burj Khalifa, Tallest Building in the world

Burj Al Arab, 6 Star Hotel (unfortunately we did not stay - $1,500 plus per night)

Dubai Skyline

Dubai Mall (with large aquarium). Largest mall and entertainment centre in the world it claims.

Very modern and fast highway systems

We also had the opportunity to try Ski Dubai. I was initially hesitant to try as our time was short, but once I did it was actually incredibly fun.  The change from about +45C outside to -5C inside was drastic, but extremely refreshing.  Now I can say I had at least a few hours of winter fun this year.  The hill conditions were great with nice soft snow and not to many other skiers going down the slopes. I would say the hill is very similar to Brookvale Ski Park (roughly 400m hill). We were able to ski for a while go out to warm up and switch up to snowboarding for the remainder of our time.

(Jon & Holly Boarding)

(Jon on his skies)

(Holly snowboarding)

(From the Bottom of the Hill - bottom half seen in photo)

A few additional photos uploaded to our web albums


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