Friday, August 30, 2013

Pile Progress - 50% complete (193 of 378)

We reached the halfway point today on pile work. The structural consultant was also able to make a site visit to review the pile work completed to date.  He was happy with the work and the progress that has been made. The weather continues to be good despite being the ongoing monsoon season, which has been greatly helping progress. We have only lost three half days of work due to heavy rain since starting piles last month.

(The pile crews work 7 days a week and roughly 12 hours per day)

(Pile crews take a 30 minute break for Friday afternoon prayers)

(Checking pile centering with the Structural Consultant)

(Checking the reinforcing cages with the Structural Consultant)

(SAFE - SLAB  structural design modelling software)

(Pile Progress - pink columns are completed as of Aug 30th)

(Contractor and Pile Crew Safety Briefing - Holly may be  somewhat gender outnumbered on site. I have not seen a female construction worker/contractor/engineer on site in Bangladesh, especially in this area)


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