Thursday, August 29, 2013

2013 Girls Football (Soccer) Tournament

The 2nd annual girls football  (soccer) tournament was happening at the MCH field when I returned to Malumghat.  From my understanding, it was scheduled by the government based on a UN program/initiative for girls in sports.  I was able to catch the final game between our MCH high school girls and the Dulahazara (nearby town) team.  Their principal told me afterwards that the girls had improved and that this year they knew how to run with the ball.  Most of the girls had never played before the game last year.  I am hoping that another game can be organized in October.

 MCH in Blue Jerseys

Bare Feet and Mud Puddles

Spectators from the High Schools

 The match ended in a tie and went to a penalty shoot out. 

The girls celebrating a come back after being behind in the penalty kicks. 

Another shooter was added for both sides and in the end the game went to Dulahazara.

 High Pressure (the crowd around our goalie was intense)!

 2013 MCH High School Girls Football Team



Brett and Meghan said...

This is so awesome!

We've been following you blog for a few months. Hope you don't mind. It's so exciting to see what is happening at MCH. Hopefully we'll be able to be there in the spring.

Jon Barrett said...

We have been hearing about the possibility and are eagerly anticipating your coming. It will be nice to have another young couple on campus.