Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Hospital - Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Grid power in Bangladesh is sporadic at the best of times with regular load shedding (power outages) due to the fact that electrical demand is much greater than the available supply, especially during the hot seasons.  A year ago November the hospital was able to obtain a priority line that has reduced load shedding on average a couple hours per day which has been a great blessing. Even with this new priority line voltage conditions at the hospital have been consistently low (regular brownouts with voltage as low as 150-180v when designed to receive 220v). When the voltage drops below a certain point the campus generators would have to be turn on so that medical equipment, hospital compressors and even florescent light would work properly. In order to fix this issue a new voltage regulator was purchased for the hospital which will correct the worst of brownouts and supply the hospital with required voltages. This new AVR is of special importance to the new hospital building as the proposed Oxygen & Suction machines, Elevators, Chiller, Medical equipment, etc. all require stabilized voltage. Over the past month this new unit has been keeping the voltage very stable. (One can not tell the difference from the generator supply or grid supply vs previously when the generator was on lights and fans etc. all ran about 25% brighter/faster.)
Inside the new voltage regulator panel

Energypac and the workshop connecting the lines back into the existing transformer

AVR, Transformer & Generator Shed behind
Gary and the workshop finishing the connections on the AVR


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