Tuesday, November 18, 2014

MCHRP - First Floor - East Wing Casting

on Nov 15th & 16th the First Floor East Wing slab casting was carried out (Lab, Pharmacy, ICU, Offices, Training room - 12,500 sq ft). This time of year (November until March) is the best working conditions for concrete pouring, no rain and milder temperatures.  This made for the smoothest major casting to date. The goal now is to complete the next three casting of this wing in just over a month per slab (35 days each).

 First Floor East - Day 1 Slab Casting

Site Overview - Nov 15, 2014

 Dr. Kelley, Les and Jon on the slab during the first day of casting

Nearing completion - quickly becomes congested with all the labors

Beautiful sunrise through the heavy morning mist on day two

 The compaction vibrator operator splattered with concrete


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