Friday, June 09, 2006

Better land Planting

It seems that my last planting video was of interest to those who have not seen Alberta planting before. Here is another quick video in a little bit better land. (Tyson is the commentator)

We also found out that the wax (KEEP COOL) tree boxes burn very well (but shhh... don't tell my boss).


The Book Worm said...

Keep the videos coming. They make me laugh.
Looks like you guys have a good time out there.

The Barretts said...

I could do that for about, minute

shauna marie said...


oh my word.

I can't believe you do that every day.

no wonder most people don't last!!

Anonymous said...

hey jon.

it looks like people are realizing the hard work we do out there. it's too bad you can only do 10 trees in 30 seconds. i hope you have a relaxing time doing... whatever you're doing. we're going to hit it hard in the summer, so you better rest your old man body.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, looks like that can get pretty hard on the ol' back. How many trees do you plant in the run of a day?

Jon Barrett said...

Planting can be a tough job, but there are lots of perks to the work. As for how many trees I plant in the course of a day? It varies on the type of land planting. Sometimes a lot and sometimes not as many. Is that a vague enough response.