Wednesday, November 12, 2014

India Part 3: Cherrapunjee Tree Root Bridges

For the last leg our India trip we traveled through Northeast India on our way to the Bangladesh border.  The highlight was visiting the Cherrapunjee area in the District of Meghalaya, one of the wettest place on Earth (it holds records of most rain in a single month - 9,300 mm and single year - 26,461 mm).  The Khasi tribal people make up the majority of the population of Meghalaya and are a matrilineal society (females inherit land and children take on the mothers name). Christianity is also prevalent in the region.  What drew us to the Cherrapunjee area was the amazing tree root bridges that have been grown here by locals for hundreds of years.  We had a fun day of hiking and exploring.  It was an interesting place to experience and an enjoyable way to end the trip.   

Holly on one of the tree root bridges 

 Jon on the longest tree bridge (95 ft)
Butterflies were Plentiful
Rock Pools
Nohkalikai Falls (highest waterfall plunge in India at 1115 ft)

Looking down on the plains of Bangladesh 

 Double Tree Root Bridge

 I named her Charlotte (but haven't found the actual species name yet)


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